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​Our trademarked approach to planning starts off very simple – let’s just have a conversation.
We need to get comfortable with each other...to learn if we are a good fit for what you desire.  If we each sense a match, then we proceed to the first stage of the process.
We call it ‘Discovery’.  It’s different from what you may think.  And, it is by far the most important stage of the entire process.

We begin Discovery by delving into a much deeper conversation.   It’s here that we begin to ask you the truly thoughtful and important questions.  The types of questions that get you thinking about things in a new light; and of new possibilities.
The Discovery process helps us understand where you came from, what’s important to you, and what you believe are the critical issues.  It helps you become crystal clear on your goals, what you want to accomplish, and helps you make better planning decisions.
Developing a financial plan is a process.  There are three more stages to address (‘Analysis of Current Plan’, ‘Plan Design’, and ‘Implementation’.)  Each is pretty straight forward and we can discuss them in greater detail when we converse for the first time.
Planning - ​It all begins with a conversation.
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